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Noted celebrity Pink Lady Jackie Goldberg, 85 years young, is the voice of today’s 60 plus community and proves that it’s still possible to be vital, creative, enthusiastic, energetic, sexy, and ‘shout-out’ fantastic. This book tells it all. This is a no-holds-barred tell-all which will challenge even the most hardened skeptics to live life to it’s fullest, regardless of age.  A must read for any who think that when you’re over 60, you’re dead!       Email Pink Lady at



Inspiring Seniors and Veterans through Attitude, Gratitude, and the Performing Arts.

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Pink Lady Presents TV Show​

“Pink Lady Presents, It Ain’t Over ‘Til YOU Say It’s Over,” 
is a new and exciting TV Show on which you share your life’s story with the world!
All ages welcome, including seniors, veterans, active duty and 1st responders and their families. Email your story, your life’s experiences and how you are continuing to 
“Get Up, Get Out, & Get A Life!”
Share your life’s story world-wide with our viewing audience. Let them know who you are 
and what you doto help make the world a safer and better place using your experiences or military service. 
You will be interviewed, live on camera, in our beautiful Sherman Oaks Studios. 
Men and women, this is your opportunity to shine and we want to be the ones to make it happen. 
All ages welcome.
Include age, phone and any special talent.


Pink Lady Presents “WE ARE AMERICA” A Musical Salute to Our Veterans


Dear Friends,


2017 was terrific as you will see from this brief sizzle reel of shows produced in November and December at the Madrid Theatre.  Lots more coming in 2018/2019 with new exciting performances.
Looking forward to welcoming you to the next chapter of “PINK LADY PRESENTS”  “It Ain’t Over Till You Say It’s Over” made possible by your continuing support.


Best Regards,


Pink Lady 
(818) 606-6679

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Our Vision

Inspirational Performances


The Mission of Senior Star Power is to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of seniors and veterans through the arts. Our Vision is to engage the entire senior and veteran community. It is our goal to inspire, educate, and embrace all seniors and veterans so they can further develop as vital, productive, and creative people. We provide practical employment opportunities for the mature community.