National Veterans Foundation,
Public Service Announcement

Shad Meshad is a Vietnam combat medical officer who returned knowing that we had problems to solve. He established the Vet Centers, and 30 years ago founded the National Veterans Foundation. To date, NVF has successfully handled more than 400,000 veteran suicide-prevention phone calls. To see his guest appearance on “Pink Lady Presents”, visit this YOUTUBE page. To help me help them, please visit and support this effective foundation.


Lisa Lockwood’s West Coast Weekly


The Pink Lady on the Loctite Super Bowl Commercial


Park Avenue Perfume Commercial


Gucci Print Commercial



The Mission of Senior Star Power is to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of seniors and veterans through the arts. Our Vision is to engage the entire senior and veteran community. It is our goal to inspire, educate, and embrace all seniors and veterans so they can further develop as vital, productive, and creative people. We provide practical employment opportunities for the mature community.