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Inspirational Performances


The Mission of Senior Star Power is to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of seniors through the arts. Our vision is to establish a year-round theatrical performing arts complex that engages the entire senior community. It is our goal, by offering workshops, mentoring programs, performance opportunities and master classes, to inspire, educate, and embrace seniors so they can further develop as vital, productive, and creative people. In addition, we will begin outreach programs and provide employment opportunities for the mature community at large. 






The Pink Lady


Pink Lady named “Hero of Hollywood” by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

The Heroes of Hollywood Awards recognize exceptional leaders in the Hollywood community who have transformed the lives of others and/or have made a remarkable contribution to the physical environment. Click here for more info.


Jackie Goldberg aka Pink Lady and Pepper Jay on Motivational Chat 
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December 13 2010 – ActorsE Chat with Jackie Goldberg aka Pink Lady with host Judith Jones
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Make a Donation

Make a Donation


Over the next three years (2013-2015), our goal is to raise the funds needed to produce three professional shows. One in 2014 and two in 2015.

Senior Star Power Productions is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization..

Your sponsorship, donations and contributions can make the dream of a theatrical performing arts complex that engages the entire senior community become a reality!
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