Senior Star Power Productions was founded in 2007 by Pink Lady Jackie Goldberg and has been filling theaters ever since. Pink Lady and Senior Star Power’s mission is to promote healthy, creative aging for baby-boomers, seniors, and veterans.

Helping the aging process to be a positive journey is done through the arts. With a vision to produce and encourage performers, Senior Star Power helps to keep these aging groups vital, creative, productive, energetic, and entertaining.

At this time, Pink Lady feels that Senior Star Power’s new venture into “streaming television programming” is the way to go to benefit her audience. The show is called “Pink Lady Presents: It Ain’t Over Til You Say It’s Over,” where guests from all walks of life and ages share their life experiences.

The guests’ stories benefit the community and help to keep everyone, no matter their age, alive and well – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We welcome all who would like to be on Pink Lady’s show to contact us at or call (818) 606-6679.
Please include your age, phone number, special talent, or story/experience.